Kai Jasey's Music Portfolio

Projects and Collaborations

Koi Kitty
Context: BGM for the chill fishing game Koi Kitty
I also worked with the sound team and company at large to create sound effects.

Date: November 11, 2023
Software: Caustic 3

Cat and Mouse Space Game 2
Context: BGM for Catastrophic

Date: October 17, 2023
Software: Furnace Tracker
Hardware: NEC PC-98 (with PC-9801-86, Emulated)

Context: BGM for Meowshi. I also did the sound effects for this game.

Date: October 2, 2023
Software: Famitracker
Hardware: Yamaha Reface CS (for SFX)

Totems of the Yonder Soundtrack
Context: BGM for Totems of the Yonder.


Ambien_up (gameplay)

Mad Dash

Date: June-July 2023
Software: Renoise and Caustic 3
Hardware: Yamaha MU-2000

Totems of Yonder
Context: Unused BGM for Totems of Yonder.

Date: May 12, 2023
Software: Famitracker

Birds of a Feather
Context: Contributed a background music for a tense sequence in Birds of a Feather.

Date: April, 2022

Music Showcase

Context: "Originally a Metroid fan remix, this song quickly took a life of its own."

Date: September 21, 2020
Software: Famitracker
Hardware Target: Famicom + VRC6

Fan Works

Arrange Remix
Original Title: Defenders of Oasis - Village Theme
Original Composer: Masafumi Ogata
Publisher: Sega Corporation

Software: Renoise

After the Apple
Original Title: Bad Appple
Original Composer: Jun'ya "ZUN" Ōta
Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice

Date Remixed: June 21, 2023
Software: Famitracker

Chiptune Remix
Original Title: 魍魎戦記MADARA2 - Vagrant's Song
Original Composers: Tappi Iwase, Miki Higashino, Hirofumi Taniguchi, Aki Hata
Publisher: Konami

Date Remixed: Febuary 13, 2022
Software: Famitracker
Hardware Target: Ricoh 2A03 (base Famicom sound chip)

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